Customer Comments

Wanted to let you know I received my Yoga Swing yesterday!  Thank you so much.  It is beautiful and I had no problem setting it up.  Thanks again, "Sara" Farmington, ME 04938 United States

You all are a breath of fresh air to work with! Not too many companies are so prompt on their emails and/or shipping! Looking forward to the swings:-) Amanda - USA

MY SLING JUST GOT DELIVERED!!!! :-) That is me smiling so hard it hurts! Hahaha!!! It is gorgeous!!! I love it!!!! I can't thank you enough!! I am so excited to get it hung up so I can use it!! Merry Christmas!!! & THANK YOU for making my Christmas merry!!!! Your fantastic at your job guys! Thanks again for making this all work out for me! Best wishes! Shera! Allentown - USA

P.S. I will refer your website to everyone I know interested in buying a sling!! This product exceeds my expectations!  I am a tremendously satisfied customer!  Thank you for your ongoing direct communication!  Excellent customer service! - Anne Marie McGowan - USA

I just received my swings, they are beautiful! Thank you very much, I love them. Your service was fantastic and fast! Thank you again, have a wonderful weekend. Maristela - Ontario - Canada

Love love love it!  Best regards, Aisha - Australia

Thanks Madeline. Looks like its in the regional hub here in Michigan as of this morning. It might be delivered today. I will let you know. So excited to get this installed and start using it! Your turnaround on an order is amazing! Namaste -  "Kevin DuPre"

My yoga swing arrived today. Thanks so much!  The colours are gorgeous and that has to be one of the fastest delivered items I have ever received. Very impressive! With a public holiday in there too. I can't wait to get it set up and give it a go. Thanks again,  I will definitely recommend your product to all  - "Mado"

I was very happy with my service.  Received an email within a day of purchase to verify my address.  The package arrived within the week without complications. - "Marina"

I got the product quicker than expected, have it installed and have been learning how to use it. Wow, quick and efficient service and response to questions.  Thanks  - Trish Toll

I love my yoga swing. I've been experimenting with it in combination with my TRX, which is fun. Your customer service, product, delivery, have all been excellent. Thanks for the follow up. - Ruth Gatling - USA

Loving my swing... I use it for a warm-up when I am able before I hop on the tread mill, or do yoga. First just using the handles for stretching in different directions to open up my shoulders & chest... then inversions .. then swing around to do some floating-type pushups. Great to just hang over as a back bend - I like the flexibility of being able to adjust the position so I'm able to focus on specific areas of my spine. Doesn't take more than a few minutes to work up some great heat! "Valerie"

Thank you--I'm very very happy with my yoga swing!  I've recommended it to several folksSid Brown - USA

Happy to say I have been enjoying my yoga swing. :-) Hanging under the chestnut tree out back is wonderful! Haven't gotten into many tricky moves, mostly enjoying simple hangs and love getting into some back bends on it. Occasionally I get a little more adventurous and try exploring more. Need to watch some Utubes again! My daughter (7) loves the swing too, it really does make an ideal kids play gym!! Gratitude and new year blessings to you x ... "Sonia"

LOVING MORE EACH DAY MY SWING!!! My knee got messed up last week, so I knew walking, working out and my vinyasa or hot styles of yoga were out. Then I got my swing for my Bday... I have been hanging, pushup(ing), pulling, back bending, swinging and having fun and off my knee so it can heal. I am so excited. Thanks! "Antiqua"

Thank you once again for acting so fast when I ordered the yoga swing for my sweetheart. It came here just in time, and what a wonderful birthday surprise! Only problem is that the kids love it even more, and its hard to get them to share it ;-). 'Ole'

Just wanted to give feedback re the yoga swing- AMAZING! The quality of your product really surprised me as it was so very affordable. I was also really surprised that I could fit my swing in my handbag and it is really light and mobile. The speed at which it arrived was really great- thanks so much for your efficient and professional service and mostly for giving us a chance to fly! Even my Indian yogi husband has started sneaking gos....thanks again :-) "Himalaya Yoga Valley"

Loving our yoga swing...the colors are great, wonderfully made, we have hung it on our deck, overlooking the river and rainforest...awesome! Thanks so much! - "Wendy"

The yoga swing has arrived !!!!!!.............It is so beautiful!! How magnificent! Much love!!! - "Muriel"

By the way, I got hooks from Ikea that are excellent for this. They cost about $6.00 and have 4 massive screw holes on each one. Install took about 10 minutes (bolted screws) and the thing is rock solid. - "Lucas"

We received our swing and LOVE it. It is constantly in use! - "Johanna"

It has arrived. I am swinging, non to graceful. My back already feels better after only once. Thanks Yoga Styling, your service is excellent. - "Sherry"

The yoga swing arrived this morning - hand delivered by a supervisor driving her own car! Very impressive. The swing looks great - the color combo came out perfect! Thanks for the great customer service! - "Ben"

I got my swing yesterday, Tuesday! It's gorgeous... will be playing with it this weekend! - "Denise"

The yoga swing arrived today. So glad to see that package! Thank you my friend. Peace and Blue Jeans. - "Colleen"

Our yoga swings are here!! I'm very pleased with the color and the material, really beautiful. More about the swings I can't say yet because first they have to go up, of course : ) But I am sure it will be even more fun than we imagine right now, so thank you so much. You really got it all worked out with superfast production and delivery, it's unbelievable! - "Denise"

The yoga swings are in the house! Can´t wait to put them up. - "Astrid"

I just got my swing today and I am looking forward to seeing some action in it very soon!! I LOVE the violent pink color - it's totally me...thanks for suggesting. - "Sharon"

Aloha, The fabulous yoga swings have arrived today.... Yay! Thanks so much! Now, off to make some deliveries! Keep in touch, friend :-) "Sarah"

It's Wednesday, and the yoga swings have just arrived!!!! I can't believe it traveled to me in such a short time. Thanks for a cool job! - "Gabriela"

The yoga swing came yesterday. Thanks so much for getting that here so quickly. Amazing! We haven't opened it yet-waiting for my husband to get home. I gave him a picture of it and what you can do with it. He's excited. Will let you know how it goes. - "Nikki"